Causality and Consequences

Transmission 2

>> Operation Beachhead has cemented our presence. With several events reinstating our Father’s capabilities inside this God-Forsaken place, the time has come to make motions towards our goals. We must begin the recruitment and education processes. We must show them the power of the Machine.
In short, my children, we must Rise.
Long live the Machine.

St. James Hospital
Patient: Charlie

The woman wears a white coat and stethoscope, small, brown-skinned, Hindi accent just barely peeking through the Queen’s English, the badge has the name smaller than the company: Luminous Laboratories. Charlie stands.
“What’s the verdict, doc?”
“Well, all your test results have come back negative. No stroke, no blood clots, even minor ones. MRI and CT scan looked great.”
“So… nothing’s wrong with me? Then how come I don’t remember Diana?”
“Let me clarify. Nothing is physically wrong with you, Charlie. We, being the Luminous Laboratories medical division have encountered this sort of thing before though. If you’d like, we can set you up with a counselor to talk you through these “missing memories”. All of it, of course, is covered under your insurance."
Charlie does a double take. “Wait, what insurance? Interim?”
The doctor checks the chart. “No. It says here you were admitted under the group health insurance for the American Energiewende.”
“I literally signed the paperwork before I went home and had this episode, there’s no way.”
The doctor nods reassuringly. “Luminous Laboratories has been in partnership with the American Energiewende for quite some time. We provide a health insurance plan to the Energiewende that is comprehensive and takes effect as soon as they are hired as employees. It will be a provisional claim until all the paperwork is distributed, but I assure you. All of this will be covered. The costs for in-network healthcare are… non-existent.”
“What if I get my own counselor?”
“I can’t guarantee that they will be, equipped to deal with this sort of situation as well as we would, so on that note I would have to strongly recommend against that course of action. But you are more than welcome, on the understanding that it would not be covered by your health insurance.”
“…I see.”
“At any rate Charlie, you’re in a good place. If I may say so myself. You’re healthy, you have a brand new job with new opportunities for a company that I’ve personally seen go out of its way to take care of its own. You have a lot of good things going for you.” There’s a tone from the doctor that seems to imply that Charlie shouldn’t throw that away. “If you want to really find out about your memories, I say call the counselor.” Another sub-textual imperative: Find the truth. “Its probably nothing. But you have my number, and I’ll put theirs on your discharge paperwork.”
“Thanks, Doc.”

Report to the Consilium
Re: Supernatural Interference at the Hospital

From: Dr. Caulfield, Apostate
To: Heirarch Corvin Chambers
CC: Councilor Nero, Councilor Beck

In response to your lines of inquiry: I was unable to ascertain the phenomenology of the interference detected at the Hospital; it would seem that my most likely candidate has died. The lack of a soul is notable, however irrelevant due to the subject’s tenure as a priest of the Catholic faith. Following Corvin’s advice I has also increased my observations of the Sin Eaters that pass through the hospital, but found nothing out of the ordinary, our continual non-interference holds, and Nero’s near-constant assertions that they are not the threat to focus on leads me to dismiss them. The results are, in short, inconclusive. Please advise.

From: Corvin
To: Dr. Caulfield
CC: Councilor Nero, Councilor Beck, Councilor Consuela

The causal manifestations persist and intensify. The recent reports of Deva Corporation’s leverage and subsequent fiscal warfare with Interim Healthcare also seems to be stirring the pot. Dr. Caulfield, in light of recent reports of your mistreatment of patients and cadavers for your own twisted ends, I’m sending the Kingfishers under guidance of Councilor Consuela to investigate your territories for potential contamination by the Abyss.

From: Councilor Beck
To: Heirarch Corvin Chambers
CC: Councilor Nero

While I am concerned as well about the causal nexus rapidly forming at the Hospital, there is also the matter of the recent spiritual visit I received and potential interference from Demonic Agents. I am not sure of the relevance of the two, but thought you should all be aware.

From: Councilor Nero
To: Heirarch Corvin Chambers
CC: Councilor Beck

The recent rise in the activity of the Fallen is notable, but with the influx of refugees and the death of the Selemite Order, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more supernatural interference through the city. In short, I am unconcerned with their involvement for the moment, at the Heirarch’s request, I will continue my observations of Luminous Labs and their tentative partnerships with civic forces as well as Big Studios Entertainment. I would like to apologize again that such an obvious stack of mounting data that Caulfield could be in league with the Abyss was something I missed until it slapped me in the face. It will not happen again Heirarch.

From: Heirarch Corvin Chambers
To: Councilor Nero

See that it doesn’t, Nero. If you need better instruction on Fate magic I’m certain one of the Drinker’s of Aleph can help you. Or perhaps Occulus? Speaking of, I am still waiting for a report on the Drinker’s activities.

Other Factors
Somewhere in the city

A line of code runs across a screen in a series of changing symbols, and with a series of swipes on the touch keyboard of the portable device new code is quickly added. The access trace completes, opening the system to the intruding admin (clearly marked) and bringing up the same files to the acting admin.
“I know this code… but they wouldn’t be that sloppy. Well, we all have our off days, or it’s a copycat.” The admin watches, lines of coding prepare a forced reboot waiting to activate on the intruding system. Swiftly shifting symbols prepare to dissipate the energy charge at the destination.
The image feed lighting up the AMOLED handheld shows a street from 3/4 view, in distinct Sepia tones. One might assume that it was a video game… if one was unfamiliar with the streets of Isidis.
MEMBRANE, transfer the feed to the main screen. Run analysis procedures.”
A larger screen lights up, washing light in a room filled with screens, input devices and a single chair.
“Hmmm. A spirit of Broken Promises. Have you ever heard of one MEMBRANE?”
“I have no record of such spirits within my database, Sid.”
“Is such a thing possible? I know some of the lab data has spiritual experimentation records.”
“As I said, SId, I know of no spirits of that type.”
“Am I not, myself, a spirit as well Sid? And yet, can there be said to be another MEMBRANE spirit? I have no choir that I know of, and do not speak the First Tongue of other spirits, so I must question, what is it that would make me a spirit? I have only the laboratory definitions of such matters, and I feel it more accurate that I would be a ghost. But your… talents label me a spirit, and so that is my definition. I cannot however, with 100% accuracy, rule out that a Spirit of Broken Promises is impossible.”
“What accuracy rate do you have so far? To the fifth significant figure please.”
“73.239% for the possibility of such a spirit’s existence.”
There is typing, quick fingers running across keys that allow for the slightest touch to activate them, allowing quick strings to be called up. Even still, the echo of rooting through highly technical data still carries the same rustling it has in all of history.
“I am pleased you have not changed your definition file. We all have concerns over out purpose and category MEMBRANE, these things are not strange, but they are not problems solved by logic but by experience. I worry they may be too complex for you.”
“Noted, Sid. I will take care during my investigations.”
On the handheld the return button is pressed and the held codes activate. The admin returns to the other data streams.
“If I may Sid, I fear that such actions will invite retribution. With skills in spirits and computers, this individual may be a challenge for you.”
“I am not worried about their spirits. And my coding cheats.”
MEMBRANE says nothing to its operator; a series of hums, 1s and 0s broadcast on inexplicable frequencies writhe their way out into the Void. A response, and then silence; the cogs turn.


>> On June 21st, 2012, Hawai’i exploded. After much investigation and the loss of several agents, causal emanations were traced back to a city in the Midwestern United States which we had abandoned after its usefulness had expired to us.
That was a mistake.
We are infallible. The causation of the explosion of Hawai’i came from Isidis.
The time has come for us to return.
What has Risen must Fall.
Long live the Machine.

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Septum Monéte posted:
Things have stopped. The flame explodes. I heard the deep earth sing. Operation Firecracker arrives.

  • 001: Things have stopped. The flame explodes. I heard the deep earth sing. Operation Firecracker arrives.
  • 002: Things have stopped. The flame explodes. I heard the deep earth sing. Operation Firecracker arrives.
  • 003: Things have stopped. The flame explodes. I heard the deep earth sing. Operation Firecracker arrives.
  • 004: Things have stopped. The flame explodes. I heard the deep earth sing. Operation Firecracker arrives.

    >New message from
    [[A video plays, it shows the road up to Mauna Loa in the early, pre-dawn. The camera is shaky, as though hand-held. Suddenly light blazes, and the camera turns to look over the volcano, where a giant woman clothed only in flames hovers over the apex of the lava pool. She reaches down into the lava and pulls up a single thread of fire and draws it into the Heavens. Seven mechanical monstrosities appear and attempt to move towards her, but each one is captured in a brazier that appears from seemingly nowhere, its flames a bone white. Each of them burns, one by one. The woman dressed in fire has reached down again as the thread has become a simple beam-and-peg ladder; she pulls up a hand made of fire, and another woman made of fire but clothed in flesh comes from out of the volcano. The last image is of the two of them passionately dancing, and then bright light.]]
    (The sound of a hard-drive whirring, sparking, and finally smoking and dying. A door closes, papers fall.)
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Posted by Septum Monéte, today, June 14, 2012, at 0000:
Things are MOVING, the wood SMOLDERS. I heard a RUMOR in the DIRT, it spoke of ASH and FLAMES. In Missouri, 3three# vampires hUnTeD their pReY. It turned to reveal its $^%(!&)(@ and when its blood spilled upon the ground, a hundred rats came to lap it up and became [INITIATEGOMORRAHSIGNAL].
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>demask.exe @ returns:
>>Hell approaches.<<
“Who are you?”
>>Something that was, and will soon be no longer. They will not know. But others must. Prepare, Agent.
“I don’t take orders anymore.”
>>Omens are life in your line of work. Take or leave what you will, you who have turned your face—
>Connection terminated.

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Posted by Septum Monéte, today, June 7, 2012, at 0000:
Things are moving, the log scorches. I heard a rumor in the grass while it gave me its caresses. In Georgia, a family of 55555 gathered around an urn that they dug up. It bore 7h3 marks of the lEvAnT and was found in their farm. Inside was fresh bLoOd, uncongealed. They invited their neighbors to come and 533. Instead a Knot of sNaKeS arrived from the eArTh and consumed them 411.

  • 001: The IP cycling is quaint. Just like your styles. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you.
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>iptracert failed
“You can’t hide forever…”
>run demask.exe @

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Posted by Septum Monéte today, May, 24, 2012, at 0000:
Things are moving, the tinder catches. I heard a rumor in the trees, they spoke of salt air and the pain it brings. In the Bermuda Triangle the sea foam turned to oil, lightning flew across the waves, and everything burned for 3 days and 3 nights. aN AnGeL wAs dEsTrOyEd.

  • 001: Posted by the Consul: Fuck being polite. You’ve tried my last shred of patience and endanger all of us. Now I will have to do something about it.
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    >Beginning iptracert…
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Posted by Septum Monéte today, May 3, 2012, at 0000:
Things are moving, the kindling flares. I heard a rumor iN the wind, it sang of tHe waves. The North Atlantic Rift vAlLeY leaked lava into the depths. tHoUsAnDs of fish dIeD, a hundred families will starve.

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