Causality and Consequences

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Posted by Septum Monéte today, March 29, 2012 at 0000:
Things aRe moving, the match is sTrUcK. I heard a rumor in the clouds, they raved about their recent trip. SaTeLlItE imagery cApTuReD a rInG of boiling water OfF the CoAsT of Angola. The vIlLaGeRs were awed. Then their boats cOmBuSteD.

  • 001: Posted by The Consul: While it would be rude to ask who you are, I must ask that you refrain from posting non-verifiable information. Thank you.
Dwayneshy Scriptography Club
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Posted by Septum Monéte today, February 2, 2012, at 0000:
Things are MoViNg, the wood is piling UP. I heard a rumor in the sky, they said that BlOoD is gathering. In Botswana, the villagers have gathered up a hecatomb and SaCrIfIcEd it to the fire. The InFrAsTrUcTuRe was broken; the village PrOtEcTeD.


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