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This is not a beginners game. I expect all players to understand and have a decent grasp of the rules of the God Machine Chronicle and Demon: the Descent. In consideration of the themes of the game, what I describe to you the player is what your character is passively aware of. If you would like more information, you will need to roll for it. Your perceptions might be wrong. Isidis is chock full of other supernaturals, some better at hiding than others. If it would be detrimental or dangerous to your character (i.e.: ambush) then I will prompt you for the appropriate rolls, as per the rules. Unlike my previous game, nothing is important to the plot; while you are the protagonists, this is not a heroic game. NPCs can die or be killed by your actions, including ones that are important to the metaplot. You can miss clues and muck up investigations.
The God Machine can win. Make sure it doesn’t.

House Rules

  • On an initiative roll 10s will only explode once. Barring supernatural abilities no initiative will be higher than 30.
  • If you read something in a book that says different from what is happening, and feel the need to point it out, the correct phrasing is: “Well, the setting says…”
  • Any character may begin assembling a Patchwork Cover (comprised of aspects from Contracts) at any point in time. When their Primium rises high enough to make use of the Cover (provided it has a rating of 5 or more), then the Cover solidifies into “wear-ability”.
  • Environmental penalties will be displayed on a scene by scene basis. If you forget to include them in a roll, I will make you roll again after factoring in your penalty. I reserve the right to use whatever result I wish. If you are found to be taking advantage of this system, I will declare that your action fails without opportunity for Dramatic Failure, regardless of your total successes.
  • For the purposes of Compromise rolls, when you reveal a facet of your Demonic existence to another person, the following supernaturals count as Humans (and thus, by their proximity to the Machine, invoke compromise): Changelings, Mages, Slashers and Prometheans. All other supernaturals do not provoke a Compromise rolls from that breach.
  • According to the Demon: the Descent core rule book, the action to Spoof is Reflexive. Therefore a player does not need to exceed the successes of an effect targeting them, they only need to succeed at the roll to Spoof.
  • We’ll be playtesting an extra rule from the in-development title Hurt Locker called the Damage Spiral: each character will take a -1 penalty to their dice pools at their first health box, a -2 penalty at their middle health box (round up), and a -3 at their second to last health box. Once their final Health box is filled, they suffer the Beaten Down tilt automatically. (This replaces the rule that one doesn’t take penalties until their third-to-last dice pool.)
  • As decided by the group, a character MAY NOT spend Experiences to “buy-in” on Merits gained through a Pact (and thus protect them with the Sanctity of Merits). Players may spend experiences to buy dots to supplement contract-granted merits however.
  • “Extra” XP: Each character will receive Beats based on the action of the Player (such that if you are playing a bit-character for an entire session, all accumulated Beats apply to your Demon), including 1 Beat for each session. Group Beats will not be used. Each Player may earn extra Beats in the following manner:
    Story: Players contributing significant characters to the story, either through cooperative Storytelling or through OOC position of their NPCs on the chopping block, will receive between 1-3 Beats, depending on how important the character is. Ex: In suggesting how Brian’s character would, by chance, end up confronting someone from his past who is supposed to be dead, Brian created complications for his character and the cabal worth 2 Beats (and several interesting conversations/ combats conflicts).
    Adventure Log: Each player that contributes to the Adventure Log gains 1 Beat. Stories about your Cover or how the action of the game are complicating your cover provide 1 Cover Beat. A maximum of 5 (Cover) Beats per player per month may be gained this way. (Meaning you may contribute up to 5 Adventure Log posts, regardless of subject, per player per month and get rewards for them.)
    Misc.: Players may receive Beat awards for doing things to enrich the game, from good role-playing to creating props for the game, to cooking for the players.

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