Causality and Consequences


A room in the Ferguson Tower

The assembled fall to silence as Corvin enters the chamber and sits as Heirarch. Suede and a lanky man spattered in paint stand on either side in front of him. He takes a deep breath and speaks.
“On this day and in this hour the Consilium of Isidis stands in Tribunal. Councilor Suede, Master Thyrsus, has levied a complaint of Abuse and violation of Secrecy against Tonio Kröger, second-degree Master Thyrsus and wielder of the Crown of the Four. State your case, Suede.”
Suede steps forward, her movements predatory and dangerous.
“For those not “in tune” with the happenings on the Other side, all of us felt a Hunt, a perversion of spiritual hierarchy called the other night. I knew that it was the Crown by the way my associates of the Shadow reacted. When pressed, Tonio admitted that he was called by the Crown to Ember Hill, where a being-as-human was absconding with something from the manor. This ‘second-degree master’ called a Hunt for an undefined something, who stole another undefined something, which already belonged to the beings who took it. " A pointed look from Suede at Corvin is not lost by anyone in that room. “The sheer weight of Hubris should be his punishment, but yet again, Tonio stands before the Consilium unrepentant.”
Corvin speaks after she steps back. “Who is your witness?”
“Any number of spirits, the testimony of an information broker, and not leastly, Councilor Beck, Adept Obrimos.”
Councilor Beck steps between the two parties, facing Corvin. “As a neutral party, fellow Councilor and Disciple of Spirit I corroborate the usage of the Crown.” He steps back into the whispering mass of the assembled. One woman, dressed in a sharp business suit, seems to be unable to decide whether she should stare her death-wish at Corvin or Suede. The Hierarch waits for the crowd to silence. It does not take long. “What is your defense Tonio?”
“I was called by the Crown because one of our longest spiritual allies was disturbed. So I enforced the rule of the Crown, as is my right by pact, to intimidate and accomplish my goals.”
Suede pounces. “And did you? Or was the item returned by other means?”
Corvin does not intercede, and in that heartbeat where cognition becomes realization the woman in the suit steps forward. “Silence, Harpy! You break the Iron law by speaking out of turn.”
Suede laughs, “Really? We’re here to talk about Gold and you bring up Iron while your Factotum says nothing. You left your post, whore. Let no one forge—”
Enough!” Corvin stands and moves down the dias, coming closer to Suede, she does not flinch. “If neither of you can withstand the decorum of Tribunal I will dismiss this matter and forgo redress from either party.” He looks at the woman in the suit. “Stand down, Claudia.” The staredown provokes not a single measure of noise from anyone present. Claudia eventually steps back and Corvin turns to Suede. He whispers quietly to her. “I swear to you Suede, word as my power. You know how this goes. If you do not abide the rules I will curse you until your bones are dust in the hourglasses of eternity.”
Tonio stands, his face unflinching before the exchanges around him. He does not answer the question that Suede posed, instead presumably continuing his rebuttal. “I invoked the powers that are mine to invoke for reasons that are within the boundaries of the pact sworn by this Consilium into its Charter. I have done no wrong.”
Another deafening silence. Even Claudia seems stunned. Corvin can only stare at Tonio, while the effort that Suede is expending not to laugh could be considered commendable. Corvin looks at the assembled. “Suede, what is your suitable redress?”
“Give me the Crown.”
“Such a thing cannot be done. For the safety of the Consilium the method of transference is known only to myself and the Crowned.” Suede fumes ever so slightly. “Nor can the Crowned be banished or executed. And we have not the means to imprison Tonio since the Censorium was lost.” She fumes more.
Fine. But I demand some degree of censure Hiearch. These crimes cannot go unpunished for the sake of the Wisdom of all of us.”
“And Censure you shall have. I take your words to be a remittance of judgement unto the Office of the Hierarch. Tonio Kröger, from this moment forward your titles as a member within the Silver Ladder are stripped by my power as your Deacon. Your status as a second-degree master is no longer recognized until the passing of a season, at which point you may once again demonstrate your fitness for the titles—” Tonio’s look of horror is echoed by Claudia’s voice as she steps forward again, this time Tadzio steps after her. “Hierarch, the punishment of a Gold law with a violation of another Gold law seems hardly to be in the course of Wisdom.”
Tadzio joins her cabal-mate, “I agree Hierarch, as Factotum, this is not only unorthodox, it goes against—”
A staff appears in Corvin’s hands, and he slams it down into the marble tiling. “I am your Deacon and your Hierarch! I have seen the futures that await us and I promise all of you I am the lesser of your evils.” His eyes burn with a fury bordering on zealotry as Claudia, Tadzio and Tonio are forced to their knees. He stares into the back of Tonio’s head. "You fucked up Tonio. You acted so far outside of human interest that I have no choice but to levy these punishments. I cannot endorse your presence as the Hearthmaster of Mann’s Mountain. Until you can regain your fitness to be a master I am strongly advising Sentinel Hassan, of the Janni to be the Hearthmaster. I cannot rule this to be law because your cabal is your sanctum, but I promise you, all of you fucks better like and decide this to be the right answer or so help me, I will find all of your secrets and I will put you through hell while i dig up every last shred you know under the auspices of “validating your loyalty” to this Consilium." Even Suede seems uneasy at this turn in Corvin’s demeanor. He sits back down, leaning forward with the staff.
“You are all so obsessed with your own little playthings that you haven’t realized what comes next. You haven’t seen the corruption spreading within us…” Nero and Suede and Beck and all the members of the meeting look at one another in confusion. Only Corvin’s eyes stay fixed, no longer focused on the present. “The Invisible Masters are here, and their will supplants and obliterates our own. We have no Freedom, and every day we slide closer to Tyranny, and none of you Have. Bothered. To. Notice.” Nero is the only one who will chance stepping forward. “Corvin, our enemies are growing rapidly, yes, but they are not coming from our own kind.” Corvin slumps back into the chair. “You would say that Nero… Fiddle away at your pipes, watch the city burn…” An uncomfortable quiet settles into the room until finally Corvin rouses himself, the staff gone.
“This Tribunal is concluded, my judgements are rendered.” He walks off the dais and out the door.



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