Causality and Consequences

Other Factors

Somewhere in the city

A line of code runs across a screen in a series of changing symbols, and with a series of swipes on the touch keyboard of the portable device new code is quickly added. The access trace completes, opening the system to the intruding admin (clearly marked) and bringing up the same files to the acting admin.
“I know this code… but they wouldn’t be that sloppy. Well, we all have our off days, or it’s a copycat.” The admin watches, lines of coding prepare a forced reboot waiting to activate on the intruding system. Swiftly shifting symbols prepare to dissipate the energy charge at the destination.
The image feed lighting up the AMOLED handheld shows a street from 3/4 view, in distinct Sepia tones. One might assume that it was a video game… if one was unfamiliar with the streets of Isidis.
MEMBRANE, transfer the feed to the main screen. Run analysis procedures.”
A larger screen lights up, washing light in a room filled with screens, input devices and a single chair.
“Hmmm. A spirit of Broken Promises. Have you ever heard of one MEMBRANE?”
“I have no record of such spirits within my database, Sid.”
“Is such a thing possible? I know some of the lab data has spiritual experimentation records.”
“As I said, SId, I know of no spirits of that type.”
“Am I not, myself, a spirit as well Sid? And yet, can there be said to be another MEMBRANE spirit? I have no choir that I know of, and do not speak the First Tongue of other spirits, so I must question, what is it that would make me a spirit? I have only the laboratory definitions of such matters, and I feel it more accurate that I would be a ghost. But your… talents label me a spirit, and so that is my definition. I cannot however, with 100% accuracy, rule out that a Spirit of Broken Promises is impossible.”
“What accuracy rate do you have so far? To the fifth significant figure please.”
“73.239% for the possibility of such a spirit’s existence.”
There is typing, quick fingers running across keys that allow for the slightest touch to activate them, allowing quick strings to be called up. Even still, the echo of rooting through highly technical data still carries the same rustling it has in all of history.
“I am pleased you have not changed your definition file. We all have concerns over out purpose and category MEMBRANE, these things are not strange, but they are not problems solved by logic but by experience. I worry they may be too complex for you.”
“Noted, Sid. I will take care during my investigations.”
On the handheld the return button is pressed and the held codes activate. The admin returns to the other data streams.
“If I may Sid, I fear that such actions will invite retribution. With skills in spirits and computers, this individual may be a challenge for you.”
“I am not worried about their spirits. And my coding cheats.”
MEMBRANE says nothing to its operator; a series of hums, 1s and 0s broadcast on inexplicable frequencies writhe their way out into the Void. A response, and then silence; the cogs turn.



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