Causality and Consequences


The Eager Cult Boy

Rohtzan sat across the table from the young man, looking him up and down. He appeared to be in his young twenties. Short blond hair, blue eyes, a thin and unimposing body, Zach had recently graduated with his BA in business.

“Bartholomew tells me you have quite the ambitions.” Rohtzan said emotionless and cold.
“Yes sir.” Zach adjusted in his seat, nervous in front of his demonic master.
“How old are you?”
“24, sir.”
“You can use full sentences.”
“Sorry sir.”
Rohtzan thought about rolling his eyes and showing exasperation, then decided against it. His face remained calm and collected. It was always relaxing to hold these meetings, as rare as they may be. The two sat in a secluded and secreted away meeting room. Well, the warded conference room in the back of the coffee shop owned by another of his cult members. Phillice really does make good wards. They blend in smoothly with the decor. Without knowing they are there and what to look for, one would never know it’s there.
“You opened a business. Tell me about it.”
Rohtzan prepared himself for another quick answer with little room to ‘offend.’
“It’s called ‘Moon Drawn,’ it’s an art supply store and gallery. There are three sections to it really. The main store in the front. A gallery to the side, and in the back are work-rooms, six rooms set up with art-desks, easels, and other other art supplies. Artists rent them to get their work done with easy access to the supplies they need and the peace and quiet that comes with it. Many of these artists then use the gallery to showcase their recent works. In the first four months, I’ve already started showing a profit. I’m looking to add a kiln in the near future and…” Zach realized he had started rambling. Quickly shutting his mouth, he mutters “sorry” softly and looks down at the table.
“Please, continue.” Rohtzan really wasn’t listening. He was digging through the boy’s mind instead. Looking at memories, hopes, and dreams. The deeper into thoughts that he dug, the more concentration it took. Zach continued to explain about his business, his handful of employees, his regulars. Rohtzan new he’d remember it all, so he heard it all but wasn’t really listening at the time. He could replay the conversation later. This was the good part though, he was finally seeing the mannerisms, expressions, accent, and common terminology that Zach used.
After about twenty minutes, Zach seemed to become more comfortable talking with Rohtzan Azamox, demon master of Ordinem Retiacula Azamox. Taking advantage of this new found comfort, Rohtzan began to ask the young man about his childhood, friends, family, personal life. Zach was fascinated with the utter calm ocean expression, so Rohtzan kept it that way.
“Sir, may I ask what it is you desire from my business?”
“Did Bartholomew not tell you what this was for? I guess he wouldn’t, now, would he?”
“No sir, only that you wished to speak with me and that I could be of service to you.”
“It’s not your business I seek. Though I may grant you power that would greatly help you in your endeavors.”
Zach’s interest was more than peaked.
Rohtzan continued, “I’d like your soul. In exchange, I will grant you telepathic capabilities.”
Zach almost fell out of his chair with how fast he moved to the edge of his seat, “Sir, anything for you!”
Ah, I love how much of an honor the cult sees a soul pact Rohtzan thought. Placing the parchment with elegant calligraphy spelling out the deal of the contract before him he let Zach look at it. Watching his mind, Zach was examining the beauty of the contract and not the details. "You must sign it in blood, " Rohtzan said as he placed the cult’s ritual athame on the table by the contract.
Zach nervously took the knife, just as his leaders in the cult taught him, he took the small copper bowl, and cut the side of his palm, pushing out just enough blood to place a small layer in the waiting dish. Taking the small brush he dipped it in the blood and began to sign his name to the contract. Rohtzan in turn signed it as well, using his own blood.

Zach blinked, his thoughts betraying that he didn’t feel any different, but that didn’t stop the rush of endorphins from the sheer excitement.

For the first time in the meeting, Rohtzan broke his frozen facade and gave Zach a small smile. “Come, let us sit at one of the front tables. I will teach you how to use your new gift.”