Causality and Consequences

Report to the Consilium

Re: Supernatural Interference at the Hospital

From: Dr. Caulfield, Apostate
To: Heirarch Corvin Chambers
CC: Councilor Nero, Councilor Beck

In response to your lines of inquiry: I was unable to ascertain the phenomenology of the interference detected at the Hospital; it would seem that my most likely candidate has died. The lack of a soul is notable, however irrelevant due to the subject’s tenure as a priest of the Catholic faith. Following Corvin’s advice I has also increased my observations of the Sin Eaters that pass through the hospital, but found nothing out of the ordinary, our continual non-interference holds, and Nero’s near-constant assertions that they are not the threat to focus on leads me to dismiss them. The results are, in short, inconclusive. Please advise.

From: Corvin
To: Dr. Caulfield
CC: Councilor Nero, Councilor Beck, Councilor Consuela

The causal manifestations persist and intensify. The recent reports of Deva Corporation’s leverage and subsequent fiscal warfare with Interim Healthcare also seems to be stirring the pot. Dr. Caulfield, in light of recent reports of your mistreatment of patients and cadavers for your own twisted ends, I’m sending the Kingfishers under guidance of Councilor Consuela to investigate your territories for potential contamination by the Abyss.

From: Councilor Beck
To: Heirarch Corvin Chambers
CC: Councilor Nero

While I am concerned as well about the causal nexus rapidly forming at the Hospital, there is also the matter of the recent spiritual visit I received and potential interference from Demonic Agents. I am not sure of the relevance of the two, but thought you should all be aware.

From: Councilor Nero
To: Heirarch Corvin Chambers
CC: Councilor Beck

The recent rise in the activity of the Fallen is notable, but with the influx of refugees and the death of the Selemite Order, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more supernatural interference through the city. In short, I am unconcerned with their involvement for the moment, at the Heirarch’s request, I will continue my observations of Luminous Labs and their tentative partnerships with civic forces as well as Big Studios Entertainment. I would like to apologize again that such an obvious stack of mounting data that Caulfield could be in league with the Abyss was something I missed until it slapped me in the face. It will not happen again Heirarch.

From: Heirarch Corvin Chambers
To: Councilor Nero

See that it doesn’t, Nero. If you need better instruction on Fate magic I’m certain one of the Drinker’s of Aleph can help you. Or perhaps Occulus? Speaking of, I am still waiting for a report on the Drinker’s activities.



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