Causality and Consequences


Collected Meanderings

From the Local News, a media briefing outside the Police HQ, the Chief of Police stands at the pulpit:
“Chief, Chief! What can you tell us about the increase in gang activity throughout the city?”
“Only what you’ve already heard Allison. New refugees mean new crimes. Not to say that they’re all bad, and I’m sure Perez will comment on that one, but the fact of the matter is that desperate people do desperate things, you have to in order to survive. The Police Department is working with the city to get aid disbursed to the refugees to help alleviate the problem at the root, and we wholeheartedly support some of the programs that Mr. Perez has set up, and will be proposing to the City, for that purpose, but there’s only so much aid, and way too many people. The results are inevitable.”
“Can you speak to some of the more… ardent “city beautification” programs?"
“If, Jeff, you’re referring to the borderline ecoterrorism of some of these groups by introducing sometimes invasive species into our city through their self-proclaimed “guerrilla gardening”, then I have only inappropriate things to say. Rest assured that anyone caught using one of these “seed bombs” on city property that has not been zoned for that purpose, or worse, on private property will be arrested and charged to the fullest extent of the law…
“Now if you’re just referring to people who wanna spend time cleaning up trash, well… I’ve always supported those projects. No further questions.” The police chief smiles and waves, the clip cuts out.

In the Society pages of the Isidis Herald
“The bevy of local and extra-local weddings and celebrations has left the Ember Hill calendar booked solid for weeks. Rumors are flying fast and furious that Nikki Swift, film star extraordinaire, made famous for her role as the heroine in the remake of Nosferatu, has been considering the position of Curator for the Ember Hill property. Such as it is, this has only added fuel to the fire in regards to the popularity of the cities greatest Historical Landmark. Time will tell what the Historical Society thinks of such an illustrious personage holding the Curatorship, especially after former Curator Stephen Kepler, Jr. (son of the noted Lawyer) was whisked away by love and romance to far-away Baltimore.”



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