Causality and Consequences

Casual Conversation

Along the Streets

A middle-aged man in coveralls sidles up next to Corvin along his walk. He wears the insignia of a towing service, “Ariadne’s Towing and Assistance”. The two walk in silence for a time, mana slowly accumulating into their older frames, seeping in like the cold chill of fall. Finally the tow-trucker speaks.
“I see what you’re thinking Corvin. The coming conflict.”
“But you don’t think it’s the Invisible Masters?”
“I do, but I also think that these rash decisions aren’t helping.”
“So I’m crazy?”
“I would never call my mentor crazy. Not after what you’ve taught me.”
“We all have our parts to play. The worst is I can feel the threads being pulled, manipulated. I know I’m being rash, that I’m bound into this role… but I just can’t stop myself. Any news?”
“The Drinkers are well and truly outside our purviews. Hans couldn’t track down the Hallow, and Tadzio couldn’t boost any of our signals wide enough to get a fix.”
“How do we lose an entire cabal, Gustav? Worse, how do we lose a Hallow?”
“I can’t tell you, Corvin. Because I don’t know. But I will say we’re all distracted, weakened even, from not having Tonio with us. Hassan isn’t quite… jiving into the mix. He’s a good kid, and a nice change, but… theme is theme. If something is hiding them… well, I wouldn’t say it’d be hard to do.”
“Another of the Wise?”
“Possibly. But why would the Council-?”
“Because they have too few for themselves. And not strong ones either. They have means and motive, even if it dumb. I’ll keep looking. We’re on the verge of conflict, and I hope it isn’t with them…”



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