Causality and Consequences

Clips from the Paper

The Isidis Herald, Reporting

Plans on the Floor, B3

City Hall has gathered together in these trying times to attempt to find solutions to the several problems facing the city. From continuing problems with water, food, housing and power shortages, to land allocation concerns raised up from recent proposals. A vocal minority, backed by the American Energiewende, has spoken in favor of tax-breaks and incentives for private residences and business that choose to grow food or otherwise help provide fruits or vegetables. Their opponents cite the concerns over fresh water and the limits to the Aquifer. The city is also considering a small-scale, locally operated agricultural experiment on the land that used to be Ashbrook Heights, now that the debris has been cleared out. Opponents have noted that those areas of the city would need to be rezoned, concerns which the Mayor waved away, and the continuing need for more, and more dense, housing. Thanks to the contributions of a few key citizens, more permanent structures for the refugees are being raised up, although the paperwork necessary to legitimize those structures is still incomplete, with Mr. Perez making several hard pushes into the relevant offices.
So far the discussions have been just that, discussions, but everyone can hear the pens scraping in the background as new legislation is obviously being drafted.

Citizens Concern; State of Emergency? A4

Several citizens have sent letters to both our offices as well as City Hall in recent weeks, expressing concern for the increasing levels of violence in our reporting, as well as within Isidis itself. Several nights ago the wholesale slaughter of a group of Colombians, under suspicion of association with the Cartels, was reported on; the same night a shooter, also suspected of involvement with organized crime, attacked a women’s Boutique in Riverview. Coupled with the destruction, seemingly by explosives, of the Dockside Control Tower 2, and increased gang activities in the housing areas by the freeways, more thefts reported in Hippie-town, a general increase in violence against people in Warehouse Village and University Junction, and the recent dissolution into physical assault at the Harper Science Conservatory, the view looks pretty grim.
It is the stance of this paper that the police of Isidis are more than capable of handling the situation. If you suspect yourself of being in danger, please call 9-1-1 immediately and retreat to a crowded area or safe space. While our holding facilities are currently straining at capacity, other cities have agreed to our requests for temporary holding of criminals. Do not let that influence your decision to seek help! If the situation worsens, the Mayor has already gone on record as saying that marshal law and the intervention of a State of Emergency is ready to go. In the meantime, it is advised for citizens to aim to return to their homes well before dark.



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