Causality and Consequences

In Triplicate, Please

Somewhere safe...ish

Charlie has calmed down, and after some finagling the three Stimatics have come together to relax and comfort each other. The Ring stands near them, enjoying Viktor’s coffee and discussing plans and problems. Without warning the very quantum fabric of the Demonic souls shivers as what will be and what has been mesh for a brief instant; Chad’s arm gives the audible “click” of moving gears, but he does not scream. The Stigmatics have gone still and quiet, sitting together in a rough triangle.
When they speak it is as one.
“The time is out of joint— O cursèd spite! For we have seen that which has been, and filled with revelation we must share.”
Charlie begins. “In the beginning was the Egg. A shell of perfect portions, borne by its Four Guardians. When it finally ceased its rolling and began its long rest it was allowed to be by the Great Father, for his work in its presence upon his face had been completed. And so it stood, unblemished by the tracts of time, until those that wander found and colonized, and built. And their City was built upon the ashes of something old, but they were kept safe by the shell.”
Chad continues. “But lo, the cracks! Existing within and without from its very nature a being breached the shell forged in times past and spurned its inhabitants. This Ivory Fire bore into being a force that could defend and protect, for it knew that in the time to come, it would crack the shell, for it was what must be. And when its unquenchable need finally made itself clear and the workings of the Great Machine were cracked, then did he turn his eyes back into what he had wrought, and began his long journey to return. Without his guidance, the shell could not bear the pressures, and finally it fell away.”
Viktor picks up the revelation. “And the Lord spoke. ‘I am the Light which brings to you Joy and Safety. I am that which has granted you paradise, and you, you have scorned it and cast it aside. You have allowed it to be broken.’ And the people trembled in fear of his fury, but the Lord was cold, implacable. ’Now I return, now you will bask in my presence again, and I will climb the highest mountains and drink from the lowest depths and I will find that which has vexed me. Those who have sinned are right to tremble, those who have cast aside my gifts are right to fear me. I am the Pillar of the World. I am the Destroyer of my enemies.” As the three Stigmatics collapse, a man, approximately 30 years of age appears in the room, his loosely woven robes reveal the hint of a tattoo on his shoulder, a gleam of scales.
“This… is not where I was expecting.” He looks down at the collapsed Stigmatics. “Things are moving. I had hoped to appear in front of my compatriots, but apparently you are the most powerful gathering of Seers right now. Several important things are happening right at this moment, I can’t stay, I have to move onward, keep looking, seeing the future and writing down what happens so I can help everyone best. But I have a warning: The City is open. Right now…-ish. The state legislature is lifting statutes that protect Isidis. Ostensibly for the purposes of building a power plant, but what no one… or well, very few people have seen, is that this also opens up the flow of Shadows. The God Machine wants to eradicate that which makes this city what it is, but we need that. Well… the future needs that… I think its the future for you… Anyways! He must be slowed down, if not stopped completely. You will find allies amongs the Shadows in the years to come, but you will also find enemies. Isidis needs a new Vigil. Breach the membrane, stop the God Machine… and watch the news.” The man disappears, but the TV turns on to the news station.
“Donny, I’m hear outside City Hall, where Mayor Alfredson has just held a press conference. Coming hot off the heels of the announcement from the state legislature, the Mayor called an emergency meeting of the city council. After speaking to one of the Council members who refused to go on record a very clear picture emerges. The Mayor challenged all opposition with irrefutable logic, pulling facts and studies that had been prepared perfectly to oppose everything the Council said. Very unlike the Mayor, but the final decision being that the city will continue with the plans of the American Energiewende in order to bring solar power to Isidis and the surrounding areas.”



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