Causality and Consequences

Isidis Channel 3 News

On location with Jessica Ritter

“Thank you, Megan. I’m standing outside Warehouse Village, where only a few months ago the first ever Isidis Art Festival was held. Unfortunately, the air here is much less festive today than it was then.” The camera pans around Warehouse Village, showing various art installations, graffiti, and sometimes plain, handwritten signs, that feature recurring motifs of standing against oppression. Jessica’s voice continues over the footage.
“In addition to the state laws that have opened up the land west of the Interstate for development, Mayor Alfredson has also introduced a few laws of his own; laws that have their greatest impact here. Calling them his Isidian Reforms, the Mayor has issued a set of laws that residents are calling ‘draconian measures’. With me I have Mr. Perez, who has been invaluable to the city’s refugee population.” The footage pans back the two of them on the street, cordoned from the rest of the district, even though there are few watchers.
“Mr. Perez, can you summarize the laws that the Mayor proposed for us?”
“Certainly, Jessica. Now a lot of the laws proposed deal with questions of eminent domain that have been reinforced with the new rulings coming out of the state, so its a hard fight ahead of us if we want to counter these propositions before they get added to the city charter. But in a nutshell, the Isidian Reforms allow the government to purchase any land, regardless of habitation and at value, for the purposes of city improvements.”
“That sounds pretty loosely worded, Mr. Perez.”
“It is, Jessica, but it gets worse. Not only would the city be buying the land at value, which greatly undersells the current owners and could further negatively affect the economic stability of the city, but it also allows the government to defer payments on the land until the new improvements are completed and the city receives tax money from them.” Jessica looks stunned.
“Suddenly a lot more of this art makes sense. But why has the biggest uproar been centered in this district, Mr. Perez?”
“Well, Jessica, a lot of the inhabitants of the Warehouse district are… lets call them temporary inhabitants. Many of the titles for these properties are questionable, and ownership has been an ongoing legal working for several years now, with no real forward momentum. The Warehouse Village, which many people believe the Mayor had in mind when he crafted these laws, is basically a free ticket land-grab for the city.” Jessica jumps in.
“Without ownership, and without having to pay until the city receives tax revenue from them, the city could just claim them, force the artists out and do whatever they want with the land.”
“Exactly right. Now don’t get me wrong, Jessica. I’m all for civic improvement, but not if you have to rob Peter to pay Paul.”
“Thank you for your time Mr. Perez.”
“Thank you for having me Jessica.” The camera turns back to Jessica. “Well Megan, quite disturbing news on the civic front there.”
Megan responds from the studio with Jessica’s footage on the right, off-set. “Indeed, Jessica. Any comments from anyone else?” Jessica’s footage starts roaming around the district again as she responds. “The Dean of Physics from the University of Isidis has gone on record saying that the measures proposed are tyrannical, and the solutions to the problems of Isidis overpopulation is not in creating more homeless, but in incentivizing the re-education of those who would wish it. I also reached out to Nikki Swift, but was unable to secure a comment; however her publicist did say that Nikki was concerned about the measures and was still formulating an opinion on the matter. Back to you, Megan.” Jessica’s footage hovers, the street signs for the intersection of C and D clearly visible next to an empty lot…
“I find it reassuring that Nikki Swift has taken an interest, being one of the biggest actresses out of Hollywood right now. But now, the weather.”



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