Causality and Consequences

We’re reporting here from inside the station tonight while outside, throughout Isidis, a riot is raging. We urge all of our viewers to lock your doors, stay in your homes, and defend yourselves if necessary…
[Coverage continues live into the next day. The station is not raided, but the sounds of gunfire can be heard outside the studio, and the reporters and crew hide more than a few times to avoid giving away their presence. Eventually, morning crew arrives, and the reporters are relieved. They do not leave, and can be seen a few times in the background.]
After the chaos of last night, the only choice we have is to rebuild a better tomorrow. We’ve received reports of several press conferences happening, and we’ll cut to those as they occur, but for now, the police have provided us a list of names for those who are missing or presumed injured, but who have not been located. If you have any idea where these people are, please call the number below immediately. [The list has several salient entries, the most notable reproduced as follows:
Corvin Chambers
Sid Pastures
Tonio Kröger
Jason Fisher
Trinity Han
Grace Jones
David Knight
Amber Joshlin
Brother Beck Francis
Amon “Daniel” Harper
Gustav von Aschenbach
Hans Castorp



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