Custom Mechanisms



Second Sight

The character pushes their sight into Twilight, allowing them the ability to detect the beings that inhabit there, including but not limited to: spirits, ghosts and immaterial Angels.

  • Dice Pool: Wits + Occult
  • Action: Instant
  • Roll Results:
    • Dramatic Failure: The character’s sense slip through into the wrong place for a brief moment, either a physical place emotionally relevant to the Demon, or a different angle than what she should see. While they don’t remain in that place/angle, the effect is Disorienting enough to apply that condition.
    • Failure: The character fails to see into Twilight.
    • Success: The character’s sight translates the presence of beings in Twilight in a manner unique to the Demon, for as long as the Demon concentrates. Some will see waves of heat in the shape of those beings, or holes in reality through which a field of irises can be seen. While not enough to attempt identification without prolonged staring, entities familiar to the observer appear as such, and the different types of ephemeral beings are readily distinguishable.
    • Exceptional Success: The character see clearly into Twilight, in full color and with the same definition through which she sees the normal world.


Rotzan Azamox:

1st Interlock: Aethric Interference (Second Sight + Raw Materials)

The Interlink allows Rotzan to dismiss the highest level Manifestation Condition in an area. He may then choose what Condition or Target is replaced by the Condition so “broken”. On an Exceptional Success he may choose 2 Conditions to alter in this fashion, and may decide not to replace the highest level Manifestation Condition. On a Dramatic Failure, the condition is instead upgraded.
Action: Instant
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult (v. Rank + Power for Artificial Conditions)
Cost: 1 Aether

2nd Interlock: The Jewel Thief

Rotzan can break physically-based connections, i.e.: property or wealth, and replace them with something of similar value. Much like Trust No One this Interlock can only target specific Merits (Resources, Safe Place, Alternate ID, or physical property not represented by Merits) to break for the rest of the day, but can replace them with anything worth the same amounts of dots. On an Exceptional Success, Noch may choose to assign the “lost dots” to himself for a scene.
Action: Instant
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Crafts v. Composure + Supernatural Tolerance
Requires the Demon to touch the object being severed. Lasts for 1 day.

Mr. True:

1st Interlock: The “In” Crowd (Find the Leak + Associate and Integrate)

Adept at constellations of people as well as stars, Mr. True can now change his relationship within a group that contains information he wants. For the scene, he is considered to be a member of that group, without needing to see the whole group. The group will freely talk to him about their secrets: after all, he’s cleared to know that, but the Demon must still know which questions to ask and how best to phrase them. When used on God-Machine groups, the sudden quantum flux CAN attract, undue attention. On a Dramatic Failure Mr. True receives the Flagged condition, resolving the Condition by convincing a member of the group that he does indeed hold membership without resorting to supernatural power, unless the group is related to the God-machine (in which the Condition applies as written). On an Exceptional Success the Interlock lasts for a day per dot of Primum Mr. True has.
Roll: Manipulation + Socialize
Action: Instant
Cost: 1 Aether

2nd Interlock: Fostering Community

By imposing ideas and taking advantage of shifting connections, Mr. True creates the impulse to pursue a new relationship between other individuals. When using this power True touches the subject and then defines a new relationship for the individual and one other person in the scene (the target). This does not immediately change the relationship, but it does encourage the subject of the power to pursue the new relationship, and provides bonuses for them to do so. Demons’ quantum natures make them harder to affect (— Demon’s Primum, follow the results for successful social maneuvering if it’s a PC). Those knowledgeable in Mages theorize that the manipulation of social relationships leaves traces that can be followed.
Roll: Manipulation + Empathy
Action: Instant, requires touching the subject
On a Dramatic Failure the target realizes they are being manipulated; their impression for Social Maneuvering drops by one level, and the Demon rolls for Compromise with a +2 bonus. On a Failure, the Demon invokes compromise with a +2 bonus. On a success the Subject gains (the Demon’s Primum) in bonus dice to attempts to pursue that relationship, and on an Exceptional success the Interlock can target anyone the subject has interacted with in the past 24hrs that the Demon is already aware of.

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